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TIL, 2017-05-03

  • More practice on refactoring/decoupling things.
  • Sometimes no tests are okay to make things move faster. Especially for side projects.
  • Given my sleeping schedule, I need Date.current, not

Devs and Depression

  • Type 1 bipolar: Manic depression: Cycling between mania and depression. Mania leads to impulsiveness, and you make bad decisions in that time.
  • Type 2 bipolar: Milder, and the cycles are less elongated.
  • “Greg is one of the smartest people I know, but he is also one of the laziest.”
  • Symptom of depression: Sleeping. Trying to escape by being unconscious.
  • Failed out of college, moved back home, I lied to my parents about graduating.
  • Even when I want to go to class or I want to do client work, I can’t do this.
  • “I do not understand what I do. What I want to do, I do not do. But that which I hate, I do.” It’s like the simplest task was really hard.
  • “Chronic procrastination”.
  • ADD is genetic, inventors have it. Hunters need to be constantly focused and check peripheral vision. In order to become a farmer, you have to just to be good at doing the same thing every single day. Neither skill is better or worse than the other, but at some point farmers become more important.
  • People with ADD are non-linear thinkers. People without are linear thinkers.
  • For non-linear thinkers, things like lack of focus, procrastination disappear in high pressure situations. For linear thinkers, it’s the opposite.
  • In our society, we don’t have a lot of high pressure situations.
  • I was then diagnosed with ADD and bipolar disorder.
  • I thought that my environment was the problem so I changed jobs and I changed environments. It would start off great but every few months I would lose focus.
  • I took this pill for ADD and the meds helped me focus. The problem was that I focused on how depressed I was.
  • I just wanted to localize the pain and took some meds for bipolar. It changed my life.
  • 5-10% have bipolar disease. 10-25% will die from it and 1 in 3 will attempt suicide in their life.

Symptoms of Bipolar Depression

  • To be continued he he he.

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