Today I Learned

TIL, 2017-04-10

  • ActiveSupport inquiry.
"production".inquiry.production? # => true
"active".inquiry.inactive?       # => false

- You can turn off Facebook Messenger.
- You can do something like this to enable both `/authors/` and `/authors/posts` via `Authors::PostsController`.

``` ruby

namespace :authors do
  resource :posts

resources :authors

  • private_constant to hide implementation details.
  • Strong params syntax.
  • Stronger params.
  • Converstaion with alvin re Rails is actually just a set of apps working together
  • Try to make methods with just one arity if possible.
  • 2 queries are needed at least for joining 2 tables, unless you do a join from the start.
  • Enumerable find to not access db again.
  • Rethink policy DSL.
  • Hash functional replace: merge.
  • JSON standard.
  • Ruby Hash store method is an alias for []=.
  • DHH controller structuring

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