Today I Learned

TIL, 2017-04-09, Musings on the planned SP playbook.

  • I think it’s easier if it was just a Rails app and it wasn’t a template or something. That way, people don’t need to learn the Rails template DSL.
  • It might have a thor component to it though. And some plugins.

Start Here


  • React is a technology that I would consider required for the front-end.
  • Become a master for Angular/Ember/Vue and add React to that project.
  • Splitting back-end and front-end: think of the front-end’s models as a Rails model which the data source is not the database, but the AJAX responses.
  • JavaScript learning: You have to be a very good learner, since JavaScript stacks are almost never ever the same. You cannot be negative about the learning something everyday trope because that literally is what happens in the world of JavaScript.

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