Today I Learned

TIL, 2017-04-05

  • Turns out we have capistrano_rails_console already? And I was SSHing like a moron all this time.
  • Always check query order selection. 3 bugs from that today.
  • as_json works when you need an AR model to be rendered in its json form.
  • Very important: When doing array operations/selections, ensure that they are arranged correctly.
  • Grep the logs: execute "tail -f #{shared_path}/log/#{fetch(:rails_env)}.log | grep --line-buffered Parameters". Reference
  • Fuubar is nice. Reference
  • No idea what rubygems-bundler actually does, but you can do gem install rubygems-bundler and gem regenerate_binstubs so you can do rake if there are mismatches.
  • Making your own generator is a thing apparently? I am thinking of making generators for common things like adapters, queries, service/commands, and the different types of specs.

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