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TIL, 2017-03-28, The Long Strange Trip of a Senior Developer

  • ActionView::Helpers::NumberHelper.
  • Resque web weird stuff????
  • Factory Girl, when creating a value object
      FactoryGirl.define do
        trait :initializes_as_value_object do
          initialize_with { new(attributes) }

RubyConf 2016 - The long strange trip of a senior developer by Brandon Hays

  • Technical capability: Curiosity, rigor/discipline, fearlessness, propensity to ship.


  • Junior: Just enough to ship.
  • Mid: Deep exploration of 1 language/toolset.
  • Senior: 2+ languages/toolsets.
  • Beyond: Synthesis advances state of the art.

Rigor and Discipline

  • The ability which foot to put forward and a willingness to go forth that path.
  • Junior: Very bad or no tests.
  • Mid: Slow, fragile tests.
  • Senior: Decent, fast tests.
  • Beyond: “We need a new approach to testing.”


  • An unwillingness to be intimidated with a problem without a clear solution.
  • Junior: Isn’t there a framework for this?
  • Mid: I’ll try to write a framework.
  • Senior: Let’s not write a framework.
  • Beyond: Let’s fix the framework we already have.
  • It’s knowing that failure is an outcome, and knowing what to do anyway.

Propensity to Ship

  • Junior: Nothing to show just yet.
  • Mid: A graveyard of abandoned projects.
  • Senior: Maintains a few long-running projects.
  • Beyond: Has projects with industry-wide usage.

Owner’s Mindset

  • TOO MANY! Hehe

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