Today I Learned

TIL, 2017-03-20, Grok eager_load and join

  • Ruby Heredoc syntax: <<-HEREDOC stuff HEREDOC.
  • Squiggly Heredoc (to remove leading whitespace): <~HEREDOC.
  • Postgres has a levenshtein distance command.
  • More practice on query builders. sanitize_sql_array.
  • AR eager_load vs. joins. If I understand it correctly, eager_load create temp tables, while joins actually does an INNER JOIN.
  • Tmux: Loading a Tmux window won’t terminate the processes running outside at the time the Tmux window started.
  • Value object: Always include the damn id!
  • Adapter patterns work, be ruthless in trying to be as DRY as possible.
  • Functional core, imperative shell, then adapter all AR stuff into the functional core app.

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