Today I Learned

TIL, 2017-02-27

  • VERY IMPORTANT: To paste inside Vim, do the reset thing outside of Tmux first, then go inside Tmux. Then you can paste by going into insert mode and Cmd-V.
  • Tried out scientist. Looked into Graphite, might be useful.
  • Understand the &:thingie method more, and make a method to do that for hash keys.
  • Using Ruby send adds about a 10% performance loss per call? Not sure how this works.
  • Conversation with Rav about messaging threads and how it should be normalized as much as possible, since we get into the issue of ‘what if this guy has a different nickname in another thread than if he has in this thread’, or ‘how do we know who can see this message’
  • Conversation with RodM about how you should normalize first and denormalize when it gets slower.
  • ActiveRecord enums are sexy.
  • Rubocop exclusion on pre-commit hooks.

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