Today I Learned

TIL, 2017-05-07

  • Meal prep is real. It’s cheaper, too.
  • Midday snacks: Oatmeal, tofu, eggs, peanut butter, olive oil, brushing your teeth, fruit/banana.
  • Can’t really bike in UP when its dark (too dangerous). I think 830-1030 is the optimal time.
  • Don’t do a morning workout if you are doing a long ride in the afternoon.
  • Or don’t push the pace too much because you will implode.
  • Always bring energy in the alternate bottle.
  • Don’t lose the damn bottle cap.
  • Weigh yourself every day. Even if the daily weight fluctuates due to water, it’s still nice to do it for the psychological regret if you ate too much yesterday or for the psychological boost if you did a good job.

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